The difference a year can make

Just about one year ago was when the seeds of world travel were planted in my mind. In fact before a year ago I had never even thought of it as a real possibility. A year ago I was looking at the program AFS, hoping to fly to Spain on the opposite end of the world as where I am today. How can so much have happened in just one measly year? If I had known 365 days ago where I would be now I wouldn’t believe it. Things can’t happen that fast right? You can’t just transform your whole life in the span of a few months? But you can, and I have. As a young child a year seemed like forever, and adults would always tell me “Just wait until you’re older and time will fly by.” This year most certainly has flown by, and the unbelievable thing is that in just one more year I will likely be sitting in college classes reflecting back on writing my applications in Bolivia, thinking there’s no way that another whole year has passed. But rather than worry about the elusiveness of time, this realization is a calling to me. An epiphany telling me to enjoy every last moment and get the most out of this short period of time that I get to be in Bolivia.


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