So basically everyone has told me that I haven’t been posting enough, and let’s be honest it’s true. Well now it is time to make up for it by posting two posts in just two days! So anyways, for the past couple days a few relatives of my host dad have been staying over at our house, and yesterday they went to one of the many markets here in Santa Cruz. There they bought a bunch of fruit, many of them that I had never seen in my whole life. The first fruit I tried was called chirimoya, which I put a picture of below.


It was so soft you could scoop it out of the peel with a spoon, and it had big black seeds that you had to pick out. Although I had never heard of it before, Mark Twain certainly had, and called it “The most delicious fruit known to man.” Next we tried another kind of acidic fruit that you popped out of the peel, to eat the white flesh inside that surrounded two big seeds. The last foreign fruit that I tried was the most strange of all. At first glance it looked like a couple of old leaves that had crumpled onto each other to make a roughly pyramid shaped object. In fact that’s kind of what it was, but once you peeled away the outer leaves, a little orange orb was revealed, roughly half the size of a cherry. I think I must of unwrapped about 50 of this little fruits, because they were the perfect combination of sweet and sour. Upon eating all of this food that I didn’t even know existed, I have bestowed a mission upon myself. I now have it in my head that I must go to a Bolivian market sometime soon with some friends, and try every fruit that I have never seen before. Of course I will see ordinary things like strawberries and papayas, but who knows what delicious flavors I am missing out on in the United States?three_physalis_fruits


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